Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Keeping it Causal

As hot as the weather has been lately, Im still a cold natured gal. So whenever we go out I have to grab a cardigan. This by far is my favorite cardigan in my closet; I love everything about it, the color, fit and material. Its that perfect throw on and "get the crap outta the house" cardigan. 
This color combo is also one of my favorites, its perfect for summer. 
Please excuse the craziness that is my hair; Nathan wanted to walk, what felt like miles and between the wind, heat and me sweating like a man, I lost what style I had to my hair. 

Outfit Details
Cardigan (Ralph Lauren $25)
Striped Tank (Bargin Hunt $3)
Shorts (J.Crew $20)
Vintage Earrings (Goodwill $2)
Vintage Dooney & Burke (Goodwill $4)
Keds ($45)

The Little Lady

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