Saturday, July 12, 2014

6 Must Have Brushes

Packing for vacation can be hard when you have tons of makeup products and brushes to go along with it. So, this morning as I was getting things together, I thought to myself, "what are the brushes I can't live without on vacation?"
Of course, they are all Sigma brushes. I speak very highly of my Sigma brushes, I've had most of mine for over two years and haven't had any problems. They are very reasonable for price, but the quality is amazing. I suggest you check them out if you are in the market for a nice set of makeup brushes that will last you a very long time. 

F30-Large Powder -- This brush is has the 18K gold ferrule, because it came from the Extranganza collection. They make the same brush in the standard ferrule as well. Back to the brush, this is perfect for powder application all over the face, I feel like it only allows me to pick up the perfect amount of powder. The bristles are so soft.  

F86 Tapered Kabuki-- I can't do my under eye concealer without this brush! Its not made for concealer, but thats what I use it for. It picks up the extra concealer on the eye and leaves a nice air brushed finish when you press it into the skin.  

F80 Flat Kabuki-- Best brush hands down for foundation! Everyone should know this by now anyway, if you have heard Jaclyn Hill talk about this brush. She has raved about this brush for years and for good reason. Its great for buffing foundation into the skin, it doesn't streak or leave lines. PERFECTION!

E40 Tapered Blending-- You have to have a blending brush when working with more than one eye shadow. This brush is perfect for blending out any harsh lines you may have in your crease. I actually have more than once of these, they are that good! 

E55 Eye Shading-- This one is great for packing on color all over the lid, then you can take your blending brush to buff everything out for a nice finished, air brushed look. I believe this is a staple brush for any beginner to have. 

E30 Pencil-- One of my favorite of favorites, I use it for so many things, the Pencil brush. I go in with a highlight shade for my inner corners, I smoke out my under eyes with this and I darken up my outter "V" with this same brush. Every beginner also needs a pencil brush!  

Of course, I took more than these 6 on vacation with me. :) But these are the ones that I just can't live without. 

Happy travels everyone. 

The Little Lady