Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Talk about a Statement, Necklace!

Happy Hump day friends, or should I say, May the 4th be with you?!"
Yes, I'm a Stars Wars geek, but who isn't these days...
Anyways, I wanted to show off this gorgeous necklace today! I've had it for years, sadly I don't get to wear it often, but when I do I always get so many compliments. It's definitely a statement necklace!
Since I'm still carrying about 10 pounds of baby weight, anything a little oversized, flowy and made with spandex, I'm a fan of these days- LOL! The first 40 pounds came off so easy, but this last 10 is holding on like glue! Every pound really shows when you're as short as me (4'10)
 Any other moms struggling with losing the last of their baby weight?

Outfit Details:
Necklace (Ebay $10)
"C" Bracelet (PennyLuna Boutique $8)
Long Tunic (White Plum $10)
Leggings (Old Navy $10)
Leopard Flats (Payless ($20)
Total: $58
Nothing was thrifted for this look today, but don't forget to check back tomorrow for "Thrifted Thursday!"
The Little Lady