Monday, April 06, 2015

Thrift Store Finds

I am beyond excited to share my latest thrift store finds. Everyone who knows me, knows how I love to hunt through thrift stores to find everything from clothing, accessories to home decor. Anything I can find at an unbelievable price, I always pick up.
While hunting through one of my local thrift stores this past weekend, I stumbled upon these two gorgeous vintage Dooney and Bourke bags for $10. I couldn't believe my eyes, someone really just tossed these aside, when they have so much more life left in them. Their loss, is now my vintage treasure!
I can't decide if I want to keep one, both or resale them. I've done my research and these two specific bags are worth a nice chunk of change compared to what I paid for them. They both have all their hard wear and have no real damage other than regular wear. Maybe I'll hang on to them for a while, I know I will get great use out of both, these will go great with my already very large handbag collection.

What do you guys think?

The Little Lady
Satchel-All Wear leather made in the 1980's

Crossbody-All Wear Leather made in the 1980's