Wednesday, April 15, 2015

YSL Mascara Review

When you think of the brand YSL, you automatically think high end, luxurious and expensive. I know if I spend my hard earned dollars to purchase something expensive then I obviously want to it work well and live up to the high end name it advertises. 
Well, this is a prime example of why high end is not always worth it's price. I received this product for review purposes, so this is my complete and honest opinion. 
I was so excited to receive this product to test out. YSL has been know for its very luxurious packaging and high class products, so I was expecting this mascara to be on point! This mascara calms to add volume to lashes and length, but I hardly experience either calm. I've read a few other reviews and its 50/50, so there were a few ladies who had good results with this mascara. Unfortunately, for me, it was nothing but a disappointment. I really had high hopes that this would be a great mascara due to my experience with other YSL products I've sampled in the past. 
I think the brush type maybe the reason why I wasn't able to experience great results. As you can see from the pictures below, this is a very think, fat brush and all the bristles are very close together. I wasn't able to really grab my lashes and coat them like I normally do.  

On the plus side to this product, it really makes my lashes dark and pop. YSL also offers 3 different color options as well. I personally haven't tried the other colors, but if the color payoff is great like the black version does then that's one plus. In my opinion, I've seen drug store mascaras that offer a colored hue to them as well, I personally wouldn't spend the money on this just because of the color.  One other pro to this mascara is the packaging!  I do love the packaging, the gold casting is so luxurious and it's actually a little heavy, which is a little surprising for a mascara. Sometimes it's just nice to have something that makes you feel super fancy, you know?. But again for the price, there are way too many great drug store mascaras out there that perform 100% better. I don't know if this is just me, but I've only come across one high end mascara that I believe is worth it's money. So in my opinion, don't spend your money on this, spend the $7-$9 on a fabulous drug store brand like  L'Oreal; they carry my favorite mascara currently. 

What are some of your favorite mascara, high end or drug store?

The Little Lady