Friday, November 14, 2014


I have been MIA lately, I know, but I wanted to just post things quickly to kinda get back in the swing of things and let everyone know whats been going on. Nathan and I are currently in the process of purchasing our 1st home! We are thrilled! Its a cozy 4 bedroom, 2 bath with lots of open space. We haven't closed yet, so I won't post pictures until we officially have the keys. 
Since we officially started looking, I have been on Pinterest non-stop for decorating ideas and anything that may tickle my fancy. so, I wanted to share some ideas I found  that I plan on trying out once we move in. 

Homemade bath rugs using old towels... great idea! Have also seen this with t-shirt scraps
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I think this is a great way to reuse old, not so nice looking towels and reuse them for something new. This seems like a pretty simple, no brainer D.I.Y, so I'll probably try this one first. I was thinking about buying inexpensive towels from Walmart that way I could make a rug in the color I wanted.  

No Sew Pillow Case – DIY
Found on alldaychic.comI have no idea how to use a sewing machine so this is perfect for me. Everyone always has tons of old decorative pillows laying around that no longer match anything, so an easy solution is to purchase fabric and wrap the pillow and it basically brand new! 

Just crates. You can buy em at Joann's for 9 and stain or paint. Smart.
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This would be for my husband, Nathan. He plans on using one of the extra bedrooms as an office or what he would probably like to call his "game room". If  you know anything about Nathan its that he has a passion for music! He has such a large and still ever growing collection of Cd's and vinyls and I thought this would be the perfect solution to display everything. 

Make this dollar store mirror for under $10
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I plan to do a larger version of this and put this over top the fireplace. I think this is just too simple not to do!

This is just some of the many, many ideas I have gathered over the past few months about what I would want to do once we move. I'm so excited to share our new home with everyone! And if anyone has any great ideas for fun (and easyish) D.I.Y's let me know. I'm always looking to decorate on a budget. 

The Little Lady!