Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Projects for the "Nesting" Momma

With the upcoming arrival of my bundle of joy, I'm doing what all new mothers tend to do during the last few months of their pregnancy, nest. Nesting is this overwhelming desire to organize/repair/tidy everything in your home in preparation for your new baby. Let me tell you, nesting is a real thing! I feel like I come up with a new "project" almost daily.

Some ideas I may come up with are completely unrealistic for the amount of time I have until I deliver, while others are more manageable. I've put together a short list of DIY projects that either I'm currently working on or have on my "to do" list before the big day arrives.

I'm ordering these picture ledges from Ikea to make this book wall.
Do this up the wall in the living room to show off photo books and camera collection?  20 Beautiful Children's Book Displays:

I love this DIY growth chart to document how fast the little ones grow up!
How to Make a Wooden Growth Chart for under $5!

We are decorating her room in a classic Alice in Wonderland theme. We already have the vintage dresser, mirrors/frames and keys to add those last minute touches. 
I hate Alice in Wonderland, but love all the touches.:

This is one project currently in the works, curtains are currently up in her room.
AHH!!!!! this WILL be how my daughters room looks like. Because she is going to be the princess in the house.:

Momma to be! 

Monday, October 12, 2015


Hello again blogging world! I know it's been a while! I have been completely MIA for the last two months! Times sure does fly by, I had no idea it had been that long! Hopefully, I can just jump back into the swing of things as before!

Where have I been you might ask? Well, a lot of things have happened in the last two months! The number one life changer is my ever growing baby bump! Yes, that's right, I'm pregnant! 5 1/2 months pregnant to be exact! My husband and I are extremely over joyed about our perfect little princess that's due on Valentine’s Day! As you can imagine, ever since finding out this great news, we have been running around like crazy people trying to get our house in order. When we moved into our house last December, one of the bedrooms was used for storage (or what I like to call "the land where time stands still!") where all unwanted, unused items go to die of a slow, smothering death from the evil dusty bunnies! LOL!

Time has really gotten away from us, and now it feels like we don’t have enough time left to prepare the way I’d like to anyway! In reality, we have about 4 months to get everything in line, and that’s perfectly enough time for the average Joe, but me, I’m so over the top with things and want everything to be perfect that I usually take on more than what we can tend to handle. Good thing is I have a husband who is very calm and level headed and always brings by sky high ideas, down to a more manageable goal.

Being the planner that I am, I have found some printable check lists to better help us prepare for what’s coming. I’ve linked a couple of my favorites down below in case you like to plan and prepare like I do.

Preparing for Baby - Stock Up List
The Savvy
I love this blank check list. This is perfect to jot down all those house hold/baby essentials that you will need to stock up on. 

This being my first child, I really didn't know what to register for, this is a great beginner list of baby must haves!

a clean home every day |

And to be honest, who doesn't need a good cleaning check list. I don't stick to this exactly, but its a great base to get started on a schedule. 

I plan on having some pregnancy, baby related posts coming soon! I promise, not to stay away as long as I did before. 

The Little Momma to be :)