Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Shades

I'm a girl who can't walk out the door without my lipstick on (true girly girl!). I'm a firm believer that lipstick is the perfect accessory to amp up any look or give you that much needed pop of color.  And this time of the year is perfect for all those bold, bright and loud shades most people shy away from, but not me! I love a everything from a bright, hot pink lip to the classic red.  I was looking through my collection of lipsticks and these six jumped out and instantly make me think summer! Every one of them are fresh looking on the lips and could make anyone wanna kiss you! {Hehehe} 

Left to right: Hibiscus Pop, Pleasure Fruit, Creme Cup, Morange, Candy Yum-Yum & Ravishing Rose 

| Ravishing Rose | Hibiscus Pop | Pleasure Fruit-Sold out, another option | Creme Cup

What shade best suits you?

The Little Lady

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