Saturday, May 24, 2014

2nd day Hair with Curls

I try an wash my hair every other day because it gets so oily so quickly, but it's best to go about 3-4 days before washing your hair. I can't do that, I become a oily monster! 
When I have extra time (usually on the weekends) I like to curl my hair. My hair always holds a much better curl on the 2nd day. 

Here's a quick how I curl my hair for 2nd day wear! 

When you have oily hair like me, dry shampoo becomes your best friend! I start off by applying this to my roots, giving it a couple seconds then brushing it through my hair. I usually don't purchase this brand, and to be honest, once I'm through with it, I won't be buying it again! It doesn't do nearly as good as my faithfully Batiste Dry shampoo; this one is color tinted for brunette or blonde hair! The one picture comes out with a white cast, which isn't good for my dark hair. 
After I hit my hair with dry shampoo, then I section off my hair to get ready to curl. I use this curling iron from Remington. I got it at Walmart about two years ago and it makes curling your hair super easy. It has indents where you place your hair and you come out with a pretty nice curl. I don't use the little clamp, it is supposed to hold your hair in place, I wrap my hair around the barrel myself and hold it, you get the same affect. 

This next step is optional, but I think it makes my hair hold a little more and if I dare to go a 3rd day without washing my hair its when I apply Not Your Mother's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I don't spray to much because it does make my hair feel kind of crunchy, but just a few sprays gives my hair the extra wave to where it doesn't looks like I tried to perfectly curly my hair. 
Lastly, I think its important to apply some oil to your hands and run it through your hair, this will take away any frizz or fly always. I'm currently using Garnier Marvelous Oil, then hit your hair with some hair spray to set everything and your done. This usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to do everything from start to finish. 
Let me know what 2nd or 3rd day style you guys have, I'm always looking for new ideas!

The Little Lady