Monday, August 04, 2014

OOTD--Flower Power

I had to blog about this gorgeous blouse that I purchased from Bluetique; it has a groovy/funky feel to it, but with a more modern twist. I love it, I usually pair it with skinny jeans, but I recently purchased this darling little peach midi from Jane that I thought the blouse would look great with. 
None of the colors actually match the peach in the skirt, but I just love how the whole outfit looks together. Just because it doesn't match, doesn't mean you still can't wear it. I've never played by any fashion rules, I have always just worn what I love! 
Sadly, neither retailer still carries either of these pieces anymore, but I highly suggest you check out both. They always have great items and my closet is filled with pieces from both!

What are you guys wearing today?

The Little Lady