Monday, August 01, 2016

Saturday Stroll

Back to the work week already?!!! Monday has me wishing it was already the weekend again and back to the beautiful weather we had this past Saturday. It was so nice, Nathan and I decided to take a long stroll in downtown Lexington to catch Pokémon. Yes, Pokémon. This game has brought us back to our childhood and we couldn't help, but join in on the fun.
This was the perfect outfit for Pokémon hunting  :)
Oh and yes, I dyed a portion of my hair purple. Living on the edge these days and wanted to try out something so out of normal style. I'm actually loving it!
Outfit Details
Striped Tee (J.Crew $29.50)
Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (Old Navy $24)
Keds (Keds $45)
Vintage Crossbody (Poshmark $12)
Have a great week friends!
The Little Lady
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