Thursday, August 04, 2016

To my sweet Staley

To my sweet Staley,
For the last six months I've fed you, bathed you, held you close, wiped away your tears and watched you grow incredibly too fast. You've been the center of my world everyday for the last 6 months. Time has passed by incredibly too fast; it seems just like yesterday that I held you for the first at the hospital to today, where now you're laughing, sitting up and jabbering on like your carrying on a conversation (you're definitely my child!)  Every time you smile, laugh or reach out for me it just melts my heart; if only I can see the world through your beautiful, blue eyes and see everything brand new. You've taught me what unconditional love means and how everything else just doesn't measure up as it used to.
After 9 long months and hours of tough labor, you finally entered the world and made me mom; with no makeup, hair all messy, my skin splotchy and red I didn't care what I looked like. To me, I was the most beautiful here, the moment you made me a mom.

You, by far are my greatest accomplishment in life.

I'll love you forever,
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