Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thrifted Thursday--Staley's Look


Being a mom has been so amazing, especially to this beautiful, bright eyed girl. Staley is full of happiness, laughter and even has a small devilish side, but what toddler doesn't? She loves showing off and being in front of the camera. So, for this week I thought it would be only fitting to feature Staley in this addition of "Thirfted Thursday!" Keep scrolling for more cuteness!  


Staley gets more new clothes than I do these days, but while I'm shopping for myself at the local thrift store, I always like to stop by the kids section to see if I can find her something too. Over the last year, I've found so many cute girl clothes, some even new with tags, but I always look for things she can play or eat in and not worry about ruining the outfit.
About a month ago, I found a lot of 10 hair bows all new with tags for only $2! I also found this cute cherry oneis and black pants. Outfits like this are Staley's go to looks for daycare; comfy and cute!
Outfit Details:
Cherry oneis: $1.59//Goodwill
Black Pants $1.59//Goodwill
Pink Bow $.20
Sneakers $25//Target
 Total: $28.38
Happy Thursday
The Little Lady
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